3 Tire Safety Tips to Travel Smarter

Sponsored by Michelin

Between trips to the grocery store, the local park and family road trips, life happens on the move—and all too often on worn tires. Surprisingly, only a third of parents have checked their tires to make sure they are safe, according to a Michelin-commissioned study.

Neglecting your tires can lead to frustrating and dangerous flat tires and blowouts. And, cars with worn tires are three times as likely to get in a crash.


  1. Check the pressure in your tires monthly.
  2. Check your tire tread depth regularly with the Penny Test (learn below), especially before a long road trip.  If it fails, it’s time to have them checked by a professional.
  3. It’s a best practice to replace all tires at once.

Our partner Michelin shows you exactly what to do in this helpful step-by-step video. You’ll also see footage of how following best practices keeps you safer on the road.

Thank you to our proud sponsor Michelin whose proven tire technology makes every stop on your parenting journey count. Michelin. Performance Every Time.

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