5 Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

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Planning a summer road trip? Half the fun is getting there, but you also need to… get there! According to AAA, only four out of 10 families are equipped for a roadside emergency. Let’s get you up to speed road trip safety so your family can fully enjoy your vacation together.


5 ROAD TRIP safety steps

1. Get Your Car Serviced
It’s a good idea to get any past-due or about-to-be-due maintenance done before you hit the road. You’ll also want to schedule an oil change, and ask your mechanic to check fluid levels and belts and look for anything else that could cause trouble as you put on the miles.

2. Check Your Tires
You’ll want to check your tire pressure and your tread depth ahead of the trip. (Watch this helpful video to learn how!). If your treads are worn, talk to a professional about whether you need replacements. Accidents are actually three times as likely to happen on worn tires. And, it’s smart to bring your pressure gauge along—changes in elevation and other factors can affect the pressure.

3. Keep It Cool
Hot summer temperatures can turn metal car seat buckles and car interiors into potentially dangerous areas. Bring some towels to cover your passenger areas and car seats when not in use to keep them at a comfortable temperature.

4. Pack an Emergency Kit
Be prepared with a summer roadside emergency kit that includes a first-aid kit, a flashlight, a mobile phone car charger, road flares, and items that are helpful when you’re stuck on the side of the road in hot weather. Packing extra water, sun hats, snacks and sunscreen are key for road trip safety. These supplies will help keep your family comfortable in the event you’re stranded roadside for a bit.

5. Secure Projectiles
When you have to slam on the brakes or are involved in an accident, loose items in the car can quickly turn into dangerous projectiles. Store smaller items in the glove box or trunk, and secure heavier items on the floor instead of placing them on unused seats or other unsecured areas. This helps keep everyone in the car safer no matter what happens along the way.

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