How to Baby Proof Your Entertainment Center

Whether you’re expecting a baby or your little one is on the move, it’s smart to baby proof your entertainment center to prevent accidents right away. 


Unsecured televisions and large pieces of furniture kill a child every two weeks in the US, and most of these tip-over accidents are entirely preventable. We have some easy tips that can help protect your child from harm.


1. Secure the TV and furniture
The safest option is to hang a TV securely on the wall and out of baby’s reach using a heavy-duty TV mount. To baby proof a TV stand, use a special lock that anchors both the tv and the stand directly into the wall. 

2. Cover sharp corners
Investing in corner protectors when baby-proofing TV stand can go a long way in preventing bumps and bruises. Since these types of protectors stick out a little bit, you may need to add some extra adhesive to prevent them from falling off.

3. Replace glass panels
Small children can be easily injured by falling into the glass panels of a cabinet. To baby proof your entertainment center, consider replacing glass panes with simple sheets of plexiglass cut to meet the dimensions of the cabinet. Your local home improvement store can help you get the right size sheets and tools for the job.

4.  Lock up components
Before your child tries to stuff a toy or snack into your DVD player or game system, move everything into a locking cabinet. Be sure to store your remotes too, as batteries can pose a dangerous choking hazard.

Smart tip: Purchase a simple remote extender kit. This lets your remotes transmit to the TV even if your DVD or blu-ray player is stored in a cabinet.

5. Cover outlets and store cords
Make sure that cords stay plugged in by using special outlet covers that help keep plugs in the wall and out of your child’s mouth. To prevent your child from playing with or chewing on cords, try a cord concealer for cables that run along the wall. You can also secure cords directly behind the TV or entertainment center with simple zip ties.



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