Preparing Home for Baby – An Expert Babyproofing Class

baby proofing preparing home for baby

If you’re a new or expecting parent, it’s easy for all the “what ifs” to fill your head with worry. That’s why we’ve created a FREE class to teach you simple steps to prepare your home—and your life—to keep your baby safer. It will help with peace of mind, too!


In this class, our team of health and safety experts share simple, actionable tips to:

  • Babyproof your home, room by room
  • Safeguard your family from fire
  • Safely introduce your pet to your baby
  • Take extra precautions as your baby grows
  • And much, much more!


Your reward for completing the class is a FREE and legally binding Guardianship document created just for you, courtesy of our proud sponsor Trust & Will.

Like most parents, you may know that appointing a legal guardian is important, but you’ve had no idea where to begin. With this reward, Trust & Will has you covered. Their simple process takes less than 5 minutes—and you’ll save yourself the complicated and costly task of hiring a lawyer.

Don’t miss this chance to make sure your home and your baby’s future are secure!

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Our Preparing Your Home for Baby / Babyproofing class is just one of many expert-led online parenting classes with rewards from The Baby Box Co. Visit our Parent Center and sign up to be a member today!