Baby Boxes vs. Pack n' Plays

How are Baby Boxes different than Pack n' Plays?

Baby Boxes are economically scalable, thereby allowing non-profits, hospitals, governments, and other institutions to reach all of the expecting and new parents in their care without increasing their program budgets. An extended reach = more lives saved and that is a huge factor in the increasing rise of Baby Boxes’ popularity.

In terms of Pack n’ Plays, groups have cited the following: 

(1) The company that manufactures Pack 'n Plays affirms that Pack 'n Plays are not to be utilized for overnight sleeping when parents call in with product safety concerns. They are intended only for daytime play or short naps under adult supervision. 

(2) Pack 'n Plays are difficult to set up, and they can in fact be dangerous if they have not been set up correctly. Baby Boxes are distributed to new parents pre-assembled, so this is not a concern for institutions with a Baby Box program as opposed to a Pack n’ Play program.

(3) Pack 'n Plays are a hassle to transport, which is especially an issue for itinerant families that frequently move from place to place. The Pack 'n Play has to be disassembled and then re-assembled each time it is moved. If pieces are lost in transit,  improper reassembly poses a risk of collapse. When a family with a Baby Box is moving from one location to another, they simply fill it with baby's items, using it as a convenient caddy.

(4) Pack 'n Plays take up a large amount of space. Many of the families who receive our Baby Boxes through outreach programs live in small apartments or shared spaces, so the Pack 'n Play takes up far too much room to be practical. The Baby Box is nice and compact, just the right size to hold a baby without taking up unnecessary extra space.

(5) Pack 'n Plays are not sustainable. Once Baby Boxes have been outgrown, on the other hand, they are re-purposed as storage or toy boxes, and they can even be recycled at the end of their life span, making them the more sustainable choice. For this reason, our company was nominated for Natural Child World's Eco Excellence Awards.

Our Baby Boxes meet or exceed all applicable tenets of the CPSC, Health Canada and EN standards.

Our Baby Box ventilation has been verified as safe by an independent testing facility.

Our Baby Boxes have a comparatively slow burn rate in fire tests opposite alternative infant sleep spaces.

Our Baby Boxes are tested and certified for up to 52 lbs.

Our Baby Boxes include Baby Box University membership, which supports parents with access to an online education platform featuring medical expert interviews, brain development activities and a Safe Sleep e-book available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Hindi.

Our company serves hundreds of thousands of parents via Baby Box direct sales and community programs. We have an Advisory Board with sound experience, we actively facilitate infant safety research, and outreach is a cornerstone of our business model.

We love what we do and we look forward to collaborations which enable us to distribution life saving Baby Boxes and supportive education resources to as many families in need as possible! 

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