Childproofing: Inexpensive Solves For When You’re On-The-Go

Childproofing (or baby proofing) and keeping your baby safe while you’re traveling can be tough. So, we’ve rounded up some of the most clever (and inexpensive) solutions for childproofing any home or space DIY—on-the-fly.

How to Childproof the Refrigerator

Grab two 3M hooks with adhesive backing and a rubber band and create a homemade latch to prevent your little one from helping themselves to a midnight snack.

How to Childproof Closets or Cabinets

Grab a simple hair rubber band to create a safe closure around the door knobs! If it’s a sliding door, use duct tape (it’s not pretty, but it’s temporary!) to adhere the door to the wall.

How to Childproof Sharp Corners

As an adult, sharp covers aren’t really an issue (well, usually!). But, when you’re a small human, everything from the edge of your coffee table to the corner of your fireplace can be a potential safety hazard. If you need to quickly solve for sharp corners, simply grab a tennis ball (or even a pool noodle!) and cut into them to cover dangerous corners.

How to Childproof Electrical Sockets

We love them for their many uses when it comes to boo-boos, but band-aids are also a readily available and super easy way to quickly baby proof the electrical outlets in any space.

How to Childproof a Bed

Bring along your baby box! If you’re traveling in the car, and your baby is still at the age where they can use their safe sleep space, a baby box is the perfect mobile safe sleep space. If your children are old enough to sleep in a regular bed, but you’re worried about them falling off the side, try rolled-up towels or pool noodles (they’re good for so many things besides floating!).  Place them on either side of the bed underneath the sheets so that they form a big bump to prevent your kids from rolling off the bed.

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