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StartUp Health

StartUp Health Welcomes 11 New Companies to Growing Army of Health Transformers

The Baby Box Co. founders are the latest to join StartUp Health — putting their firepower behind the most complex health challenges of our time.

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The Baby Box Co.

National Launch Press Release

The Baby Box Co. announced today the national rollout of their online parenting education program.

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The New York Times

Baby in a Box? Free Cardboard Bassinets Encourage Safe Sleeping

Jernica Quiñones, a mother of five, was the first parent in New Jersey to get her free baby box — a portable, low-tech bassinet...

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What Parents Need to Know About Using Baby Boxes

As California offers cardboard baby boxes that double as cribs, we got experts to weigh in on the Finnish trend that aims to curb SIDS.

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New Jersey gives out free baby boxes in move to lower infant mortality rates

Babies born in New Jersey this year will go home with a sturdy, safe box to sleep in and additional newborn essentials -- all for free.

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Good Housekeeping

Baby Box Partners Up with NJ to Provide Boxes to New Parents

Just a few short months after New Jersey became the first state in the U.S. to offer new parents baby boxes, other states have followed suit.

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CBS Morning News

Baby boxes: New Jersey promotes cardboard cribs

In Camden, N.J., Dolores Petersen became one of the first people in the state to pick up a free box for her newborn.

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Yahoo! Finance

Cardboard boxes as cribs? Safety sleep program expands

Parents are beginning to take baby boxes home from hospitals along with their newborns.

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The US Is Finally Catching On To This Idea From Finland That Saves Babies’ Lives

Baby boxes are a thing, and they're incredible.

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National Public Radio

States Give New Parents Baby Boxes To Encourge Safe Sleep Habits

The program is a riff on Finland's well-known baby box, or maternity package, which the government gives to expectant mothers who get a prenatal checkup.

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ABC News

New Jersey to Provide New Parents With Baby Boxes, Encouraging Educated Parenting

New Jersey is becoming the first state to officially partner with The Baby Box Company.

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Associated Press

Cardboard boxes as cribs? Safety sleep program expands

The Baby Box Co. is also handing out the boxes in Minneapolis, Phoenix and San Francisco, with the goal of expanding to all 50 states.

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The Surprising Reason Babies Everywhere Are Sleeping in Cardboard Boxes

Jennifer Clary and Michelle Vick were taken with the story of the Finnish baby boxes and set out to create a version that American parents could buy for themselves.

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GOOD Magazine

See How A Simple Cardboard Box Can Save A Baby’s Life

The no-frills sleeping arrangement was first developed in Finland, but new programs in the U.S. are popularizing the baby box.

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Finnish “Baby Boxes” Are Coming to the U.S. — Starting with New Jersey

Since 1938, new parents in Finland have been sent home from the hospital with one unique, yet simple gift: A cardboard box, filled with everything from clothing to diapers to toys.

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How To Get A Baby Box, Because It's Packed With Essentials For Your First Few Months

Baby boxes have arrived in the United States! Or more specifically, they've arrived in one state — at least for now.

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Woman's Day

New Jersey Becomes the First State to Provide Baby Boxes to New Parents

Here's to hoping more states get on board with this.

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Baby Box Program Gives Parents A Safe Place For Infants To Sleep

The creators of the Baby Box Company say these cardboard boxes serve as a safe sleep space for babies, a need that's often ignored.

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