A New Way for Brands to Connect With Parents

The Baby Box Co. is an early childhood education platform that rewards parents for taking expert-led classes.

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Our education platform lets you reach parents who come to us for trusted advice on health and safety topics. And, sponsoring a reward gives you the highly unique opportunity to let consumers try your product first-hand.

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Our parents are motivated to learn and make the right choices for their family

  • 1M+ registered users
  • 1 in 3 expecting parents register
    • 91% Female; 9% Male 
    • 70% Pregnant 
    • 55% First-time Parent


  • 91% engagement on videos 
  • 76% average video completion rate 
  • 35% avg redemption rate on rewards
  • 15 minutes average time spent on sponsored courses

Platform and Capabilities

Creative solutions that drive brand awareness, equity, and conversions

  • High Impact Brand Takeovers
  • Video Ads
  • Custom Content
  • Newsletters
  • Social
  • Product Sampling
  • Digital Coupons
  • Lead Generation