What is a Baby Box and How Can It Help with Safe Sleep?

The History Of The Baby Box and Sleep Safety

A Baby Box is a Finnish tradition dating back to 1938. In the 1930s, Finland was a poor country and infant mortality was high. Enter: the Baby Box program—a state led initiative to give expectant mothers the tools they need to raise a healthy, happy baby. And, it works! The initiative, which enables every expecting woman in the country to claim a free Baby Box once she receives prenatal care and parenting information from a healthcare professional, is credited with helping to decrease Finland’s infant mortality rate from 65 deaths for each 1,000 children born in 1938 to 3 deaths per 1,000 births in 2013.

By pairing together education and expert medical support with a box full of newborn necessities that doubles as the child’s first safe sleep space, the country now boasts one of the lowest infant mortality rates worldwide, and it is considered one of the best countries in the world for mothers to live.


Finland mortality rate stats


How The Baby Box Co. Was Born

Childhood best friends Jennifer Clary and Michelle Vick, were inspired to start The Baby Box Co. when they learned about the Finnish tradition. When Michelle had her first child, she was shocked to learn that SIDS was the number one cause of infant deaths from one to 12 months old. So she and Jennifer became determined to find a way to make it easier for parents to practice safe sleep. The Baby Box Co. was built upon the idea that every child deserves to be safe and all parents deserve the education and support they need to raise healthy, happy babies.

Our Baby Boxes are made of durable cardboard that meets all applicable standards for bassinets in the US, Canada, and the European Union. Our mattresses are certified as free from potentially toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, PBDE flame retardants, and formaldehyde.


What To Expect From Your Baby Box Experience

  • Inside your Baby Box, you’ll find a mattress made of firm, safe-certified foam, along with products your family will love.
  • You will receive access to over 5,000 educational videos from experts answering your questions about nutrition, safe sleep, baby development, and more.

Our Baby Box program encourages safe sleep by providing parents with a safe sleep environment while also arming them with vital education and information. Make sure to register at The Baby Box Co. so that you can take your online parenting course and receive your very own Baby Box.

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